Saturday, 11 August 2018

Question 2
regarding drawing


Please tell me more about your graphic novel work. I think they would surprise people who only know you mainly for your wonderful Pebble paintings.


For me drawing came first. I was drawing way before I started to paint... (when I was a kid.)
Drawing is much more important to me than painting... and I think that might come as a surprise to most people. There are two sides to my art, and they do not really combine.

The 'graphic novel format' drawings (I call them that for want of a better description), are born out of a complex tradition, originating (or at least developed) on the continent. I grew up with a vast amount of graphic novel books/art.... some of very experimental quality. My dad was also drawing in this format (his day job was as a graphic designer)... So we basically sat and churned out an enormous amount of drawings and my dad the 1970s (and ever since, to be honest...)

When I started on my Degree course in England, things got difficult... It turned out that the English were a bit behind in their appreciation of this kind of art... I started to concentrate fully on painting.
5 – 6 years ago I realised how much I enjoyed, and absolutely loved drawing...and I started to draw again in earnest.

I still find it very, very difficult to explain what it is I want to 'express' with my drawings... I have tremendous fun doing the work... (probably more so than when I paint). I use a huge amount of references, and sources of inspiration. It's a very playful process, and often with abstract elements of pure 'mark making appreciation'. I'm inspired by everything I see, and read, and experience.
I try to free myself from 'traditional linear narrative'... (something I also try to do in my painting, but in a completely different way, and for different reasons.)

Wow, Just writing about it makes me want to start some pages of 'playful absurdity' .....

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